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ShamWow Infomercial

The Papa Johns FAIL!

Happy Holidays!

My Favorite iPod Touch Applications

It Snowed!

Finals Week!

Apple Store November 25 NEW LED Cinema Display

Game Addiction

Me Today Nov. 20th

Me Today Nov. 15th SMTT Bring It South Panola! & a Quantum of Solace Review!

Troop Tube

The Conference

Share the Power!

Having the Worst Day Ever! This made it all better!

How Much Are your Tweets Worth?

President-Elect Barack Obama's Victory Speech On When Twitter Broke.

Election Day!

Best Buy wishes me Happy Birthday!

Mississippi New Media Conference

WoW Relapse

Halloween08 Haunted Macbook

LOL Cat Art Show

I have a thing for adventures.

Cups Tour

Stressful Times

Meet The Student

Alien Contact October 14th 2008

Mississippi Public Broadcasting Goes Wacky with Wacky Bears!




No more Fail Whale?

Don't Vote

My Dr. Horrible Desktop!


Brownie Treat

All Eyes On Oxford

Join Me Tonight on

Heroes Season 3 Premiere

A shout out to JimmyMac

Apple Store Opening


Mississippi College "New Media" Conference

Recent Fun With Friends :)

Random Myspace Post

On The Scene Before the Storm in Jackson, MS #Gu

The Weather Channel: Jim Cantore

Important Info On Pickup locations for Gustav Evacuations

Gustav: Staying Up-To-Date!

Gustav: Hurricane Prep Guide

First Day Back to Class!

Isi Does a Me Today with me in New Orleans!

Mississippi College Spoof Ad

I'm going to New Orleans! NOT the New Media Expo!

I Auditioned and Rick Roll'd American Idol!

Yesterdays Storm

I Am Trying Out For American Idol!

Groove Is In The Heart

I challenge @iJustine to grow out and donate her hair!

Dr. Horrible

New Facebook Released Today...

It's A Twitter Ghost!