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Wedding Ants!

So last night Grant and I ended up enjoying a pleasant evening on our couch. We watched UP! and I messed around on Facebook a bit. Near the end of the night I decided to go through my suitcase for the honeymoon. I was going to wait till morning but I was to excited about leaving and wanted to go through my stuff. I went to pick up my suitcase, moved it into the bedroom and ended up getting bit by fire ants! Ants had made a home out of the top (and only the top) of my suitcase. All the clothes I had sitting on top of the suitcase were covered in ants as well as the suitcase. Luckily I had put my mid sized suitcase inside my gigantic suitcase so my clothes were ok this time.

On Friday we had noticed some ants and Anna came by and helped me try to find the source. We searched the house and could not find it. Last night when the ants arrived we searched the house and again we were still unable to find the source. We ended up going over to my apartment (Which I have never ever seen one bug…

Married Life

It's epic! The wedding was epic! and I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!