Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Social Networks are changing the way we communicate every day. It seems every time I turn on my Macbook there is a new tool that allows me to communicate with my friends, family, and connections.

Twitter has probably been the easiest and most portable social network yet. Allowing only 140 characters twitter asks you to answer the question: "What are you doing?" People can follow your feed and you can follow other twitterers feed. It's the same concept of friending on Facebook and Myspace.

Twitter is simple without the noise that many other social networks have but still allowing many of the same features. Plus it is portable! You don't have to have a fancy phone or a data plan to use it. The only feature necessary for twitter to work on your phone is SMS (text messaging).

Twitter also allows for an almost instant communication. You can choose whose updates you receive, how you receive them, and when. Of course if you want to keep all your tweets private you can do so under settings.

But the real question is "Why would I use this?" Well, last year when I was in search of an internship I twittered it out. I almost instantly received a reply from Thomas Broadus at MPB who was looking for a New/Social Media intern. It was the perfect fit and a great experience. I might not have found that internship if I hadn't used twitter.

Twitter is also being used right now for those on the job hunt. I for instance twitter out about the kind of jobs I'm looking for and my "followers" have been great about giving me heads up on openings around the city.

Twitter is also a great way to send out a message. During Hurricane Gustav many people were in commute from the coast to Jackson or farther North for safety. Using Twitter MPB was able to keep their followers from around the state up to date with traffic, shelter, health, and weather information.

But thats not even the beginning of what Twitter can do. Twitter allows for communication not just a one way message. Comcast, Dominos Pizza, and several other businesses have seen it as a tool for customer service purposes. If someone tweets about having issues with Comcast or if someone had a quick question Comcast has a Twitter account set up for that. Any questions asked get answered almost immediately.

Twitter has been able to be used in so many different ways it's the most versatile yet simple Social Network yet.

So if you haven't joined Twitter yet maybe it's time to join the conversation.


(I know I've done articles and blog posts like this in the past I just figured I'd do another one. Plus I've been getting lots of questions from friends lately about twitter)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So, you want a job?

Frustrated with the Economy? Jobless? Can't seem to figure any thing out there? Here are some tips!

I've been job hunting for the past month and I may not have a job yet but I've had several interviews. The main reason I haven't been able to get a job yet is because I am competing with people who have had 5 or more years of experience.

Even though I haven't found a job yet I have figured out how a lot of things work. I'm not an expert on this but I just wanted to share a few pointers on some things I have discovered that seem to work. Here are some tips for those of you job hunting:

1. Lots of jobs get posted on Fridays. For some reason I always have my best luck on Fridays. Don't just use Job search engines go to the company website. Think about companies in your area that you are interested in working for.

2. The Online Resume. IF you don't have a LinkedIn profile get one. Have a resume ready. Sometimes companies give you the option of uploading your resume. Others have a specific resume for you to fill out or they have a build your resume option.

3. Make sure you have references. It's rare they check these but make sure you have a few references that aren't family or friends.

4. USE YOUR CONNECTIONS! The best way to get a job right now is through who you know. Talk to your friends, family, twitter friends. Ask them if they know of a job opening. It's a great way to find out what is out there.

Once you found a job you are interested in you have to send the right impression. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

1. An awesome cover letter will get you an interview: Send a cover letter detailing things in your resume and add things that aren't that might be of interest to the position. Personalize it and make sure you state the full name of the company and the job title. Talk yourself up.

2. Have an awesome resume. List skills you might have. Don't go to far back in your work time line. I have gone to several different universities but I only list Mississippi College since that is the school I actually received my degree from.

3. Dress to impress. If you don't have a suit already go buy one. JCPennys has a great selection of reasonably priced suits for men and Belk has a good section for Women.

4. Do a little research. Don't go to an interview without any knowledge of the company. Find out who they are and what they do.

4. When you go to the interview BE YOURSELF but professionalized. Don't be fake they can see right through you. If you do this you won't have a chance. The people who do this know who they are.

5. Follow up! Get on the phone and find out whats going on! If you don't get the job ask why and what you can improve on.

Good luck on the job hunt all! And if you know of a job opening in the Jackson (full time if possible) Let me know! I'm looking in the Public Relations, Journalism, Mass Communication field.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Me Today Vlog! Apple announcemnets made me :) and :(

A Vlog I did today. I've been job hunting all day so at this point I was done! It's been a long process. If you know of any job openings in the Jackson area specifically in the Communication field or PR let me know. :)

And Apple made me happy and sad today. I wish I had more money...