Alien Contact October 14th 2008

On October 14, 2008 it was predicted that there would be contact with Alien beings from outer space in Alabama.

I found this video of the encounter. Please watch all the way through. Some scenes are mixed with the popular movie Independence Day for effect. I did not create this video I found it thanks to my friend Krissie who tipped me off on the story.

Here is a serious question. Did anyone see this ship? If you have please go to this website: ;)

Have you heard about this? I had not until Krissie told me about it. Obviously it didn't happen. What are your thoughts on other life forms? What are your thoughts on this prediction?


Anonymous said…
Bwahaha! Too funny! :-)
ASHKAN said…
lol somebody has already commented and its not me? LOL and dang girl U actually rickrolld me with this video on twitter!! I wasnt dumb enough to watch it again here!!!!! LOL I might after posting this comment though LOL

I do believe that we R not the only intelligent life from cause it simply does not make sense to me for god to have made all these billions of planets and stars and galaxies for us to be the only life forms!!!!

what about U iellie?
Unknown said…
that was a dirty, dirty trick, and I'll never forgive you
Unknown said…
Movie name