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Why I Chose To Bottle Feed

I'm in an upcoming episode of Southern Remedy on MPB related to breast feeding. I talked about how much I struggled with breastfeeding and why I chose to formula feed instead. I want to go ahead and explain that now.

I purchased a breast pump on sale last year on Black Friday. I registered for all the things I would need in order to breastfeed and pump. I knew that this was something that was a healthy option for my child.

When Logan was born we immediately tried feeding. We quickly found out, my son is lazy. Yes, the adorable child you all see in your Facebook feed is a lazy butt. He did not want to latch. Even the nurse couldn't believe how lazy he was. She tried and tried to help us but he just wasn't interested. She finally said not to worry and we could try again later with the lactation specialist.

I was moved into my recovery room and they took Logan away. When I arrived in my room I was immediately bombarded with, it seemed like, every person that worked in the ho…