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The Weather Channel: Jim Cantore

Many people know of Meteorologist Jim Cantore for the Weather Channel. It is common knowledge that if he is in your town most likely be ready to get blown away. Some people go so far to call him "The Angel of Death".

I am happy to report, for the Mississippi area at least, that he is not in our fine state. He is reporting from South East Louisiana along the coast in a town called Houma Louisiana. This is one of the cities they are expecting the eye to make landfall.

Jim Cantore if you ever end up reading this... Please stay away from us... You scare me.


Important Info On Pickup locations for Gustav Evacuations

A Press Release sent out by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency:

PEARL – The Mississippi Department of Education is prepared to deploy up to 100 school
buses for people who need to evacuate the Gulf Coast on Sunday.

People living in FEMA travel trailers and mobile homes, Mississippi Cottages and others in
flood hazard areas have been ordered to evacuate Jackson, Hancock and Harrison counties
beginning Sunday at 8 a.m.

The buses will leave en route to pickup sites on the Gulf Coast beginning 7:30 a.m. Sunday. The
buses will take evacuees to pre-designated shelters throughout the state.

The pickup locations are as follows:
*Biloxi Jr. High School Irish Hill Parking Lot
*Biloxi High School Football Stadium on Richard Drive

*D’Iberville High School on Warrior Drive

*Milner Stadium on 38th Avenue
*Good Deeds Center on Madison Avenue

Long Beach/Pass Christian
*West Harrison County Community Center on West Espy Avenue

Harrison County
*Lizana El…

Gustav: Staying Up-To-Date!

Thanks to technology and things like Twitter we are all able to stay connected better than ever. This is no different for staying up-to-date on the latest with Hurricane Gustav.

Twitter is becoming a great resource during catastrophic events. During the recent earth quake in California people were alerted about damage and the actual quake before the Media even had a chance to jump on it. This is turning anyone into an on the scene reporter in a sense. It's also allowing information to travel much faster.

Twitter is already being used to track information on Gustav. The Home Depot is using their account to keep customers up to date on the latest shipments of supplies to their stores. Newspapers and other forms of Media are keeping their audience up to date as soon as information is available. Not, to mention the thousand other twitterers who are just average joes.

I plan on twittering everything during the hurricane if it hits. When Katrina hit we never lost cell phone service. Even …

Gustav: Hurricane Prep Guide

As of today Gustav has been upgraded to a CAT 1 Hurricane (to get updates on Gustav and other storms follow @hurricanes2008). When it is expected to make land fall, and which track it will be taking is still unknown. Although, many Meteorologists are predicting it will make landfall 50 miles West of New Orleans. This will bring the Eastern portion of the storm along the Miss. Gulf Coast and New Orleans.

This brings a great risk to areas affected by Katrina. Many people are still living in FEMA trailers. Today, I saw a tweet from @sunherald that stated Miss. had issued a Mandatory Evacuation for all residents still living in FEMA trailers.

A mandatory evacuation, if necessary, is said to take place some time Sunday for Coastal residents. Already, MDOT has roads such as I-55, I-59 and Hwy 49 set up for 1 way evacuation traffic heading North. These roads are not shut down yet but are prepared to if quickly needed.

There are also buses on call to help evacuate people on the Miss. Coast and…

First Day Back to Class!

At the beginning of the Summer. A few of my friends and I went out shopping (Wilma, Katie, and Sharon). While we were out shopping I bought a Hannah Montana wig. Well the deal was I could buy the wig if I promised to wear it the first day back to class for the Fall semester.

Today I am keeping my end of the bargain. I have Hannah Montana'd myself for class and I am ready to go!

Isi Does a Me Today with me in New Orleans!

Mississippi College Spoof Ad

I know I used your instead of You're kthx....

Mobile post sent by iEllie using UtterzReplies.

Mississippi College... It's Utterly Delicious

I'm going to New Orleans! NOT the New Media Expo!

And I'm actually very excited and packing a dress for cocktails possibly tomorrow evening with Anna at the Lounge in the Hotel. Will Be streaming :P

I Auditioned and Rick Roll'd American Idol!

This past Saturday August 9th I auditioned for the popular Fox Television show American Idol. I woke up at 6:00 AM put my wig on and started preparing for a monumental moment. Above is a video of me preparing for my big break.

I arrived at the Auditions and there were already about 50 people in line. As time went on more people began to show up. My Friend Wilma was a good sport and came out to support me and ended up waiting an hour outside while I was in a waiting room with 50 other people waiting to perform in front of a panel of judges.

All of us in the room were very supportive of each other. There were a group of girls who came together to audition who really got the group going. One girl got up and sang Britney Spears Oops I did it again just for fun.

Well, everyone was nice except for one person. Apparently a girl who was one of the first to audition hung out outside with a video camera and trash talked a whole ton of people who were auditioning. Supposedly she was the Bomb? Who …

Yesterdays Storm


Then this happened:

I Am Trying Out For American Idol!

This Saturday August 9th I will be at Antonelli College from 8-3 trying out for American Idol. I plan on either singing a song by Avril Lavigne, No Doubt, or Hannah Montana. I will be dressed up in my Hannah Montana wig and one of my hottest outfits. If you are in the Jackson area be sure to come by and cheer me on. I may be sitting outside over night so bring me coffee! This is really important to me. It's been one of my dreams for the longest time to star on American Idol. Please come out and support me!

Kisses! :*
kthxbai :P

Groove Is In The Heart

A week ago the girls had Girls Night Out on the town in J-Town. It was a blast. See:

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