ShamWow Infomercial

Recently I started seeing this Infomercial for a product called ShamWow. It is by far my favorite Infomercial of all time now. The guy is just crazy, and the product is just WOW! ShamWow is this cloth that holds a ton of water and is supposedly better then any other towel you can get. It's made in Germany and you know the Germans make great stuff. Then of course you know Olympic Divers use it (Wait... WHAT?!) The product practically sells itself!

Check out the Infomercial and the Parody below it. What is your favorite Infomercial? If you have a youtube link go ahead, link it up!

Actual Infomercial:


There are even more parodies of this infomercial on YouTube. Look it up! If you find a better one e-mail me the link!


Chris W. said…
Dude! I just saw him tonight in a commercial for "Slap-Chop"!!
iEllie said…
You know I hadn't seen that one!!!!! Holy crap I think I peed my pants I was laughing so hard!!! "you are gonna love my nuts" ??? Roflmao
Anonymous said…
This is hilarious....hahah