New Facebook Released Today...

Facebook went under the knife today and when it came to it wasn't a pleasant site. The new layout has no real separation or consistency as you switch from tab to tab. It is a mess! I immediately started looking around for help. There were little tags to tell me about the new site but they weren't that helpful. I finally looked up and saw a switch to old Facebook button and breathed a sigh of relief! My friends profiles may drive me crazy with their application disorganization but the new layout was so bad I couldn't navigate. The top bar was a joke and what happened to my easy access side bar? Facebook you disappointed me greatly!!!!!

Here are some issues with the new layout:
1. The Wall-When you click on the wall tab your wall does not come up. Instead all that shows up is your mini-feed. I looked every where for my wall, it seems to have gone missing! ***EDIT*** If you click Posts by others (yeah it's tiny) It will let you see what people are posting on your wall. That is ridiculous!

2. There is no consistency what so ever. Switching from tab to tab is like leaving and going to a different page. The great thing about the old layout was it's consistency. There is none now.

3.Special Applications?- Certain applications were put under the "wall" tab. How come? Why aren't they under the Box tab?

4. Why are the boxes so wide? What is that about? Unnecessary!

If you want to see your profile in the new layout all you have to do is go to

What are your thoughts on the new Facebook? Hate it? Love it? Could care less?


Anonymous said…
I completely agree with you. I don't like the new design at all. Where are the amazing designers Mark Zuckerberg could have paid for now that Facebook is such a big phenomenon.