My Favorite iPod Touch Applications

On November 30th (the day after my birthday) I got an iPod Touch. I fell in love with it instantly, it was tech-love at first sight. If you already have a phone and have no need to connect to the Internet immediately and you can wait till you get to your favorite coffee house that has WIFI or a Krystal, or if you are on a budget (like me) and can't afford the iPhone and the monthly bill, than maybe the iPod Touch is for you.

I got the 8GB iPod which is a good amount of space but really not enough for me. My suggestion is to get the 16GB if you can and of course if you can afford the 32GB which is $399 then go for it. The 8GB is a nice size and I can put my favorite music into playlists and it works out well. The only negative is I can't fit all the music I want with a full length movie. Although, I am able to fit my Podcasts on with my music and it works great!

One of my problems with space has to deal with the Applications. I have become an application whore! Already I have filled up 4 pages of applications and then had to take some off because I wasn't able to fit my podcasts. Yeah... you could say I have a problem.

Of course I downloaded and used the popular ones that many of you know about, but then I have also dug around trying to find some others that have caught my eye.

One of the things that I have found on the Application store on iTunes are these e-books for the iPod and they are free. A few of them also have the audio attached with the application so if you are driving you can listen or you can listen and read. It's a pretty neat idea. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to read a book on a screen of that size but it ended up not being bad at all. So, if you are a big reader this might be something you want to look at. They also have an Amazon e-reader and you can download e-books and read them right on your iPod.

This is not a favorite application more of one that I found interesting. If drinking is more your game then maybe the Last Call Application is right for you. Last Call is an Application that tells you if you are to intoxicated to drive home. When you type in your weight and sex and then what you have been drinking as you go throughout the night, the application tells you if you need to get a ride. The great thing about the application is that there is an INTOXICATED button that takes you to a page to find numbers for Taxi's etc. in your area and lists their numbers.

Of course talking about Applications we can't leave out Twitter. I have tried a few different applications for Twitter that are Free (I try not to spend money on any apps and all the applications I've listed so far are free). So far the best FREE application for Twitter is Twitterfon. It has a clean look and you can easily switch to your main feed, to your @ feed, and to your Direct Message Feed. And there is a search option and an easy way to post photos. The one negative I have found is that it does not do retweets. Which is something I find very important in an application. I hope at some point they incorporate this into the application.

GAMES! I love games, and I love games on my iPod. So far I've downloaded a few silly Christmas games and then a few others. Some were free some cost me a few bucks but they were worth it in the end. Many of the games that do cost money have demos that are free so you can test it out before you spend the dough.

The first game I downloaded was MonkeyBall. I am a huge fan of MonkeyBall on the Game Cube and DS so when I heard there was a version in the App store I had to have it. It costs $7.99 but it is a lot of fun. I think this was the way MonkeyBall was meant to be played.

Another game that is going to cost you some money, but is totally worth it is Wurdle. I am a Wurdle addict. My High score is 2295 and Wilmas is 2440 (if you were wondering). This game is scrabble like and you create words by connecting the letters. Definitely a must have.

Some of the other games I have grown fond of that are free are Labyrith, Space Buster, BubbleWrap, Tap Defense, Penguin Lite, Topple, and iBowl.

The iPod Touch really is the "Funnest" iPod ever. I love mine and have found so many uses for it.

The amazing thing to me about the iPhone/iPod Touch is how it has created new Social Networks through Applications. More to come on this in a later post.

For now Keep It Real and Happy Holidays :)

To all my friends if you are trying to think of the ultimate gift for me an iTunes Gift Card would be the awesome! hehe ;)


Allann said…
The first game i got on my iPod touch was monkey ball and i was hooked.

Agreeded that twitterfon is the best twitter app and i just found tapDefense yesterday and im hooked! love et!!

Anonymous said…
What, no Tap Tap Revenge? You should try it out if you haven't already. It's my favorite app by far :)