Heroes Season 3 Premiere

Over the Summer my friends and I have developed one common love for the TV show Heroes. Finally last night Season 3 premiered and it was amazing (I would like to apologize all that follow me on twitter for my outbursts and insane tweets). So in the end we have decided we just all need to get together and have a Heroes party every Monday to watch the show.

Wilma had to work last night unfortunately, so today she was catching up on what she missed while we were sitting at cups. We also have decided to do a little video blog of the show on what we think, our views, theories, how hot Peter is etc. Anyway, This is the first video and we hope you enjoy (And yes most likely others from the group will be joining in on this. I haz a feeling):

Oh and ummmm my YouTube Related Videos is Rick Rolling people:


ASHKAN said…
oes!! LOL U 2 R such Heroes geeks infact ellie U should start a Heroes Geeks club on geeks.pirillo.com !!!! LOL The audio in this video was kind of low, I guess because your laptop was far away from wilma and U kind of but no biggie :)
ASHKAN said…
I have no I dea what the OES begining on that comment is from !!! wow LOL