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My Top Must Have Apps for Android Phones

As most of you know I recently purchased the HTC Hero Android phone. It's an awesome phone! It works great and the Market has so many applications! Many of the apps are free but the few you have to pay for are reasonably priced. Oh and Google did right by it's users by giving you 24 hours to test an app and if you don't like it you can get a refund! Bet you can't do that on your iPhone.

So far I've been able to find almost every application I have on my iPod Touch or something similar to it.

A list below are some must have applications that I think everyone should have on their Android phone.

1. Advanced Task Killer
This is a must have application! If you haven't figured it out yet most applications and all the widgets do not close on their own after you open them. You actually have to turn them off with an application like this one. Advanced task killer is a free user friendly application that allows you to select what apps and widgets you want to keep running in …

New Vlog!

Just a quick little Vlog HELLO! since I haven't updated in awhile. Between getting a promotion, wedding planning, and other stuff I've just been swamped! ACK!

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