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Ocular Melanoma

In March, I received a text message from my Dad asking Grant and I to call into a conference number. It was the week before Spring Break so I figured it was about my Mom going up to Philly to visit family.

When I got home I called the number and put my phone on speaker so Grant could hear as well. My Dad, Mom and brothers all beeped in. My Dad then explained that my Mom had something to tell us.

"I am leaving for Philadelphia this weekend, however this time I am not going up to visit with family. I have been diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma. It is a very rare kind of eye cancer that only effects 2,000 people a year..." my Mom continued to explain the seriousness of her situation. This particular cancer does not have a high survival rate with the cancer normally metastasizing to the liver.

If you don't know what Ocular Melanoma is I encourage you to look it up. Unfortunately, there is not much literature or research about this particular type of cancer. A few centers in th…