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Got Sick!

So Not only did I slip and fall in the commons this morning because of a puddle by the place to put your trays I also became ill. I ate the eggs which usually I don't have a problem with. This morning though was a different case. I got sick to my stomach and still feel pretty gross. Something needs to be done about the commons. I know more people that get food poisoning and stuff like that from the commons. They obviously don't keep the food fresh or aren't storing it properly. I think it's about time for the health department make a surprise visit!

Culture Change

I love old TV shows. Especially TV shows from the 90's. I was a 90's child and love those old shows. Especially Classic Nick. Never did I realize how different TV was back then. Current Events were in a lot of episodes unlike today where it's just cartoons with mindless matter. Sure there were shows like that back then but not like today. It fascinates me how things have changed over the years. Not to mention how TV shows change.

The generation from the 70's has influenced our culture so heavily. They were the baby boomers and drug influenced. It's changed our culture so drastically. This brings up a question what if the baby boomer era didn't happen would culture be what it is today? Would the US be at the top of the Economy? I think most likely not! History fascinates me and studying things like that is cool. Not to mention I love to study journalism and stuff like that (thank goodness it's my major!).

Of course this isn't what I should be focusing on r…


Is College really necessary? It seems to be today the higher education has become to much like High School. For one I don not think you should have to pay for College. Maybe a Graduates degree but to get and Undergrad degree I don't think you should have to pay. Other countries make this happen why can't America? It seems stupid to me that we have to put out thousands of dollars so that we can go to college to get a degree so we can get a job. Now a days Employers won't higher you without this degree. This creates a problem for those who don't have the money to attend college. Sure they can get scholarships but some can't. I find it ridiculous that we put so much money toward school when most of the classes are very high schoolish. The Education system desperately needs a makeover. The world is changing and education is being ignored. Maybe it's time the government starts doing something about it.

Another thing I have noticed is that the higher ups in the univer…