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Myspace. Does anyone still use that ancient social networking site for social networking anymore? Most people I have talked to only get on it from time to time to check up on Bands or listen to music and the occasional video. But when was the last time you logged in and used it for social networking?

I know I've probably logged in once in the last 6 months. The one time that I did log in I was alerted that I could now set up my very own Myspace email. I don't know anyone who would want this except for maybe the bands and radio stations using Myspace.

I don't know why Myspace has not become more of a Media social networking site. Every time I log on they still seem to be trying to compete with Facebook and Twitter. If Myspace would just accept their fate and realize that the community is really using it for media sharing puropses they would be fine. The only way for Myspace to be successful is to differentiate itself from Facebook and Twitter and focus on what they have becom…