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Wedding Chatter

Hey everyone this is kind of a quick personal post. If ya'll haven't heard I did get engaged Monday. Grant proposed on Monday while we were sitting on the couch and I was messing around on the XBOX360. It was very romantic and sweet and very us. It was also funny because I was watching a video on an old couple who lives on a farm. For valentines day the old man went out into the field and used the manure truck to spread manure into the shape of a heart and then hired someone to take pictures of it from an aerial view... Grant said I was distracted enough during the video and it gave him time to pop the question.

We are both excited and obviously some of my posts to come the rest of the year will be wedding related (should be interesting...).

A few answers to some questions. No we have not set a date. No we have not planned anything yet. Once we have some things figured out we will let you know. For now we are just happy.

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone Grant and I both ap…

HTC Hero

I turned Android!

I caved recently and decided to get an Android phone. I got the HTC Hero and I love it! So far I've downloaded a ton of apps and I've found almost all the apps I have on my ipod touch or something just like it. The phone is great and I really don't have any complaints about it. I've read some reviews and comments about the Android phone especially the Hero and many of the problems can be fixed with apps and if you know how to use the phone. I think some of these apps such as Advanced Task killer, which will kill apps and widgets from running in the background all the time, should come already installed on the phone. Having a lot of apps and widgets running will slow down the phone and kill the battery life. If you keep the basics running like e-mail, messages, twitter, and facebook the phone runs smoothly and the battery life is great! But if you're heavily using the phone and running more than 4 apps or widgets at once most likely the battery isn&…