Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hey go check out Tuesday Night Tech Dot Com I did a promo for them it's kinda awesome.

Also this is something I quote a lot because well my brother is a loser. So watch this and you'll understand...(if you haven't seen it yet).

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


As most of you know I am going to Mississippi College which is a private Baptist college. I'm not Baptist I am Catholic! So this makes it all the more interesting.

Well today I had my first Chapel. Chapel is once a week and required for all students. You only get 3 absences or you don't get credit. So I walk into Chapel today expecting the worse. It was worse than I expected. They had set up the front of the church like a rock concert! There was a smoke machine which made me feel ill and bad lighting. So I'm sitting in the very top right hand corner of the church chillin. They start playing really bad Christian Rock songs.

When it comes to church and music I don't think it should sound like a Rock concert. I think that it's stupid! So they play some songs people get up and sing hold up there hands whatever. Anywayz after that the President got up and spoke for like 30-40 minutes and it was actually pretty interesting. He talked about his family and how he had issues with his Parents growing up and how he found God and I thought that was appropriate. It was a good speech, but it was a very "I'm gonna save everyone speech". Never the less I enjoyed the speech. Then they played more crappy music. When the music was over it was time to leave.

Honestly, I don't know if I can take this every week until I graduate.

By the way Karate is awesome! I'll post some pics and see if I can get some video from class for ya'll.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

So Blogger hates titles now obviously. Every time I go to type in a title it does this: ???? ? ??? ????????.

Thats Uncool Blogger FIX IT!

Anywayz, I went out last night with the Grant had a blast. We headed up to Caines and got some grub. After that we headed down to Cups for coffee. I never got my coffee thanks to the long lines and the annoying high school kids! Now normally I can handle the high school scene. My lil brother is in High school and I had a couple of friends just graduate, but last night was stupid ridico! We get out of the car walk in and this kid who couldn't have been over 15 starts walking up backwards next to me trying to get me to go out with him. He had to be rollin. I asked him "How old are you?" he said "Oh, I'm 18 you wanna go to a bar I know a great one" I was like "Sweety you are to young for me and I am so out of your league" he kept pestering me though! Finally I got inside and the line was so stupid we decided to leave. As we were leaving the 15 year old was holding up traffic because he was laying in front of a car that was driving through the parking lot.

After that we met up with Rachel, Mirehead (is that how you spell it?) and Sam up at the Logans. It was fun and the girl that was supposed to be our waitress walked out as we sat down.

We ended up at mireheads and watching the Futurama marathon WOOT! And stuff. It ended up being an awesome night.

Keep It Real

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ok so I know I just started U-Stream this week but so far it's been interesting. I think I need to explain a few things.

1. This is a clean stream! Try to keep it that way thanks!
2. Do Not Spam!
3. Be nice!!! If your nice I will talk to you.
4. Not Pron!
5. Yes i have a boyfriend an no it's not grant!

So those are some things I just wanted to clear up. I hope ya'll enjoy and stuff. Try to follow the rules and be polite.

Keep it Real.
Went out with Grant and got food and had some fun woot!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hair Cut!

I Got my haircut woot!
Ok so tonight was the first night I webcasted. talked to a lot of awesome people! I am so into it! It's really cool to meet people from all over and it was neat to see people on from MS. Anywayz check it out when I'm on.

Thanks for all those who were on chatting with me tonight for my first broadcast. This is for you guys!

Keep It Real

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Oh dear...

First Viddler Blog

This is my First Viddler Blog! WOOT!
It's the first day of classes so check it out :)
Right now I am sitting in Jazzmans Cafe at MC.
My Current iTunes Track is "What I Got" Sublime.

I just got through with my first class with was Fundamentals of Radio. I'm chilling up here until my next class at 1:00.

The class seems like it's going to be fun. The Instructor seems cool and we are going to get to do some radio work.

I love my major! I love every aspect of my major and it was soooo hard to pick a focus. I find the media in general a fun and interesting topic. We are in the Media/Technology/Information age. The Media is going through a major revamp due to the internet and it's something I am really interested in and want to learn more about.

I think that Internet TV is so going to kick off major soon. Already there are popular shows on the Web like AskANinja. And if you don't know what AskANinja is than you have a problem. Also the Strong Bad E-mails have been popular for a long time.

Every aspect of the media is being effected by the internet! Radio, TV, Newspapers, Advertising, etc. It should be interesting to see what happens in the future.

In L-E News: As I was driving to class this morning I almost had a run in with a Deer again! I was driving down Clinton Blvd. and A deer was standing there and started to run then hesitated but thought about hitting my car.

My car must have some sort of Deerdar that says "Hey I'm a target hit me!" or "Deer Suicide machine!" I dunno

Leave me a Comment internet!

Keep It Real

Still No Phone

So still no phone. It seems it might be awhile until I can get a new phone. I'll post when I do though :)

Classes offically start tomorrow and I'm stressed. I have no idea what to expect! I am soooo nervous. I want to do well. If you didn't know I don't really have the best track record when it comes to school. I'm trying to change all that.

Really I am trying to reinvent myself. I use to smoke and I quit. I'm trying not to go out as often as I did. I didn't like the person I became so now I am changing. GO ME!

So now I'm off to bed since I do have a 9AM...

Goodnight Internet!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Cell Phone Broke!

I just got back from Cell South and I still don't have a working cell phone. The guy that assisted me though was very helpful and tried everything to fix my phone. Unfortunately, my phone is not repairable. I thought ok well that's fine it will be just like when I had my Nokia. WRONG! My Warranty ran out a year ago and my Contract runs out in November (even though it should run out in October!)

The guy was nice though and gave me some batteries and the only way to get my phone to work is if you put in a fresh battery and hold the very bottom of the phone by the speaker together. So I can make calls (brief calls

And this is my phone:
My Phone with the huge crack!

How I have to hold my phone to get it to turn on and work

What happens if I don't hold it just the right way

So now I have to buy a new phone. I'm thinking of just getting it off the website since I have to get my Dad to go in the store with me to sign (and that is impossible).

Here are the phones I am looking at:

The newer version of my old phone:

The phone I really really want but probably won't get...

Monday, August 13, 2007

August in Mississippi

It's August in Mississippi so of course it's hot. This year in particular has been a scorching one. For the last week we have had no or little rain in the area and temperatures continue to rise. Right now it is 103 degrees Fahrenheit with no clouds or little to no breeze. There have been a few deaths across the state due to heat as well as West Nile.

My advice to anyone living in the same conditions would be to stop going outside. Stay some where with a working air conditioner. Don't do to much during the day. It's almost so hot that I would cancel school and work! I mean seriously! It's this kind of heat that makes you not want to even eat. Drink plenty of Water and don't drink anything that dehydrates like coffee or alcohol.

I for one am going to stay in my room where there is no light, a fan, air condition, and plenty of water.

Recent Events:
I'm no longer attending Southern Miss anymore (again I know). I left because I couldn't keep my grades up. The mixture of not sleeping due to dorm life, getting sick multiple times throughout the semester, insomnia for a month, and crappy professors resulted in my withdrawal. Since June I have been attending Mississippi College in Clinton. I've moved back in with my parents for the 2 remaining years of college. I'm still a Communications major with a focus in PR and hopefully a minor in Graphic Design. So far at Mississippi College I've made 2 B's and an A. I'm still with Mike (whom just came to visit) and I'm happy.

Southern Miss has a lot of problems that they need to address concerning renovation of dorms, firing and hiring professors, and they should probably not just let everyone in that applies. I know it's a public college and all but honestly they really do let anyone and everyone in even if you don't meet the requirements. Now that the school is under a new President hopefully things will change and I may consider going back for grad school. At this moment though I'm happy with my situation and where I am. Except for the whole Mike thing, I wish he was going to school with me up here.