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Social Network Sites Driving You Crazy?

This post is kind of a rant Sorry I just had some things to say. I do talk about the new application Selective Twitter That I have started using to update my facebook status through twitter so I don't flood out my friends front pages.

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. have become apart of our daily lives, at least for most people. I am on most social networking site and some of them I have been a member on since near the beginning. Lately, they are driving me insane!

Recently I have been unable to use Twitter from my phone and after some digging I found out it could be my phone provider and not Twitter. I'm still not entirely sure but I'm working on trying to get it fixed since I can neither Tweet or receive tweets. Other people have also been having this problem form the same provider I use as well as other providers.

Another Twitter issue I have recently come to face is the fact I've hit my Follow limit! If you follow me and I don't follo…

Facebook I'm Over You!

Why have I been twittering so negatively about Facebook lately? I'm tired of all the cosmetic changes, the way some people are trying to make Facebook more then what it is. Facebook is a SOCIAL Network.

Recently, Facebook announced another cosmetic change to the home page. Of course the new change looks familiarly like the old home page, before the most recent change. I think it's time for Facebook to give it up. Just pick a format and stick with it!

I've been a Facebook user since end of 2004 beginning of 2005. Before there was one big Facebook there were several separate Facebooks divided by Universities. You could only send messages, friend, tag pictures, etc. with those people at your University. When The Facebook came about it allowed University Networks to connect. It was amazing and Facebook seemed complete.

Unfortunately, Facebook did not stop there. They continued to grow and started to allow High Schools and certain companies to join. In 2006 Facebook opened to the …

The Official Cups in Clinton TOUR!

Last semester I put together a video tour of the Cups in Clinton for my TV workshop class. Cups liked it so much they decided they wanted to put it on their website! Unfortunately, I was unable to let them use the video I had created. The song I used is copyrighted so I had to change the song.

Here is the video with the new music, or what I am calling "The Official Cups in Clinton Tour":


Sorry for the lack of Updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Here is a quick video with an explanation: