Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Features!!!

If you are reading this on the website then you will notice a few changes. If you are not reading this on the website go to

The first addition is the New Banner. The New Banner was created by Jacob Burke or @jacobburke on twitter. If you like his work follow him on twitter! Also check out his website

Another new Feature on the site is Firefly (no not the awesome tv show that got canceled). Firefly is a chat service that is still in Beta that allows you to chat on your site by clicking anywhere and typing. On my site you have to turn the switch to On for it to work.

I wanted to thank the creators of firefly for allowing me to use it on my site. I think it's a neat and different service.

The cool thing about firefly is that You can update your twitter status through it.
Check it out if you haven't yet and post a comment and tell me what you think.

The third addition is Ning. I have created an iellie Ning. Why? Why Not?! Ning is an awesome service and I encourage everyone to check out.

Ning is a great way to create a social network quickly and easily, that you have complete control over. Most likely you have used Ning at this point. A few of my fav sites are through Ning. One of which is and so is

You'll be able to join my ning by going to or clicking the link under add me on the side bar.

*****iEllie Update:*******
I do start my new Internship tomorrow. I'll keep you all up to date with the happenings of it.

As for the recent drama Yes I am fine. No Mike and I are not back together. Yes I ended our friendship and yes I have moved on. (clearing that up for all our friends)

Keep It Real

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Happening Movie Review!

Finally posting this! I don't even know what day it was when I went to see this movie but it was a Monday and the movie was fail!

Just thought I would share that.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Virtual Party w/ PRIZES!

It's time I get back on my feet! Some of you may know has been having issues and I've been sick for the past week (not to mention some other stuff that has been tough to deal with).

All is well though because this Thursday June 26th I am hosting a "Virtual Party" on my channel on

I have tons of prizes to give away. There will be games, trivia, stories, music, and crazy call ins. Come join us on this THursday at 9pm est 8pm ct.

Keep It Real

Friday, June 13, 2008

USREAM.TV FAILED! Giveaway Delayed!

I was going to do my big show last night but failed. So it was a no go. We are going to take a rain check and do it another night.
Live .TV show provided by Ustream

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fake Hannah Montana?

I was at the Mall earlier today with my friends Wilma and Sharon. While we were there some girl, who thought she was Hannah Montana, some how got a hold of my camera and recorded a Me today...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

50th Episode of the Tuesday Night Tech Show TONIGHT!

In honor of the 50th episode of my Favorite podcast Tuesday Night Tech I figured I would post some of their videos.

Join us tonight for the Tuesday Night Tech Show on

Also check out their website

Just Julie and Mr.X

Fake Mason

drsoos Promo!

The President Supports Tuesday Night Tech:

OLD STORY!!!!!!!


Ahhh The Garage party

Julie we love your singing! And look it's Jonah from the pre-show:

WOW! Check out Delfs and Julies Kid!

How drunk was he? Yikes!

Delfs Drinks the eggs!

Fireman17 Does as well!

Elvis even made an appearance on the show:

Thanks for the Memories Delfs and Soos! We love you and hope for even more fun filled Tuesdays!


50th Episode of the Tuesday Night Tech Show TONIGHT!

In honor of the 50th episode of my Favorite podcast Tuesday Night Tech I figured I would post some of their videos.

Join us tonight for the Tuesday Night Tech Show on

Benny Lava

Last night if you caught it I was obsessing over a specific YouTube Video. Well I now have to post it. This song gets in my head. If anyone knows where I can download thins song please please let me know! I WANT IT ON MY iPod! And if you know the real translation let me know.


Sunday, June 1, 2008


On Friday I was playing DDR with a few of my friends from MC and well I'm not good. I failed miserably.

The MS Grammy's Hosted by Peavey!

On Thursday I was invited to a award recognition event hosted by the Peavey's (Guitar and Amplifier). It was an event to recognize different artists from Mississippi that have won Grammy's in the past.

I got some awesome pictures but unfortunately since it was a private event and a Grammy thing I can't post them.

I can tell you the event was awesome and I had a blast. Joey Lauren Adams (girl from Chasing Amy) Hosted the show. Some of the artists that performed were; Mavis Staples', Paul Overstreet, Brandy, Eddie Cotton and The Williams Brothers. Along with, Hannah Holgersson, Anorah, and Beatrice. James Burton, known for his guitar playing with Elvis Presley, performed with Eddie Cotton. Kathy Thibodeaux, founder and artistic director of Ballet Magnificat! performed a dance while Hannah Holgersson sang.

The event was amazing and I was so happy to be invited. We were seated with the Peavey's front and center. It was awesome! Anyway I'll post a few pictures that I think shouldn't be an issue. Check it out:

Press Room as you walked in.

More of the PRess Room

Our Table we sat at.

Freebies at our Seats

Behind the scenes!

I'd rather not post the other stuff. Sorry guys. Don't want to risk an issue.

The tickets were $1,000 a seat and all the proceeds went to the Mississippi Blues Trail Project.