Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No more Fail Whale?

I was on twitter just now and got this error message:

Does this mean that the Fail Whale is gone? Twitter likes to change it up a bit and I think it's great. But, I was really starting to like the Fail Whale. It's become apart of our everyday conversation. I kinda miss the Whale :(


ASHKAN said...

First of all my compliments on the great job Uve done on the blog!!! It looks very neat and classy :)
Second thing is I thin they took the Fail Whale off right at its prime kinda like how Seinfled went off air right at its prime!! I havent seen the new one U posted here myself yet But it looks funny :)

ASHKAN said...

Ok I just noticed something looking at the new Twitter pic, it kind of doesnt make sense and thats what makes it funny. It says "Its Cool I Can Chill" then it says "Hurryup" !!! So which is it? LOL

Anonymous said...