Gustav: Hurricane Prep Guide

As of today Gustav has been upgraded to a CAT 1 Hurricane (to get updates on Gustav and other storms follow @hurricanes2008). When it is expected to make land fall, and which track it will be taking is still unknown. Although, many Meteorologists are predicting it will make landfall 50 miles West of New Orleans. This will bring the Eastern portion of the storm along the Miss. Gulf Coast and New Orleans.

This brings a great risk to areas affected by Katrina. Many people are still living in FEMA trailers. Today, I saw a tweet from @sunherald that stated Miss. had issued a Mandatory Evacuation for all residents still living in FEMA trailers.

A mandatory evacuation, if necessary, is said to take place some time Sunday for Coastal residents. Already, MDOT has roads such as I-55, I-59 and Hwy 49 set up for 1 way evacuation traffic heading North. These roads are not shut down yet but are prepared to if quickly needed.

There are also buses on call to help evacuate people on the Miss. Coast and New Orleans. Voluntary Evacuations on buses in New Orleans and La. area have begun.

Food and water supplies have been stored and are ready to be handed out. The Home Depot has set up a Twitter Account and is using it to tweet out information on shipments and shortages in areas of the path of Gustav (follow @thehomedepot).

Today, in a press conference, Governor Barbour stressed the need to prepare early and to evacuate if needed, explaining the government can only do so much and the self preparation is important. The Gov. also stated that it was not a time to panic and to remain calm.

All we can do now is prepare for the worse.

List of things to get:
-Water (either bottled, jugged, or fill up empty containers. Also remember to fill up your tubs in case the water pumps go out)
-non-perishable food items
-Lanterns/Flash Lights
-Weather Radio or Emergency Radio
-Cell phone boosters or extra batteries (great for if the land lines go out most likely you will still have phone service)
-Gas (it's best to keep your tank at full in case either you need to travel quickly or if there is a gas shortage after the storm, which happened after Katrina.)
-Tarps in case a tree or limb comes through your roof or windows

Those are just some items that are important to remember while preparing for the storm.

Word is that Meteorologist Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel is on the Miss. Gulf Coast (This is a rumor not confirmed.) Yes, that would be the Angel of Death (A lil joke).

Just try to be safe everyone!
Please keep in mind that Tropical Storm Hanna still poses a threat.