I've been really busy lately and trying to get back on my feet. I've put the blog on hold for the time being until I can get some other things in my life straight.

I have a pretty full schedule with school and if you haven't heard I am putting together a New Media Conference at Mississippi College by the end of the Semester (it's for a grade).

If you have not heard my Uncle recently passed away suddenly.

I'm just stressed and emotionally exhausted. Please just be patient I will be back with more blog posts.



ASHKAN said…
Girl U Rock!! Im sure that New Media conference will go over great!!!
As for everybody wanting U 24/7, well thats just a curse of having such an addictive personality that nobody can get enough of you!!! I noticed that your friends feel the same way about U!!! LOL
Im sorry about the emotional stress youve been going through, hopefully it will all be over soon!
Rock on :)