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Why Your Brand Is Losing Followers

As a social media strategist it is my job to help brands grow their audiences and position them as leaders in their industry through social media. On a regular basis I recommend all sorts of strategic ways to help brands best achieve their social media goals, direct messaging (DMing) new followers on Twitter is not one of them. 
Sure, there was a time when getting a DM from a brand or an influencer on Twitter meant something but today it's more like spam. Whenever I get a DM from a brand on Twitter with a message like "Thanks for the follow, "like" our Facebook page," or "check out our website" or just a regular thanks for the follow message, it just makes me want to unfollow them. Many times I do unfollow and I'm not the only one. 
If you believe your followers don't realize you are sending a generic message to everyone, you are living in a dream world. Followers are not that dumb, they know you are following them long enough to send your sp…