How Much Are your Tweets Worth?

I found this website through a Tweet on Twitter from @besttechie and his Blog I had to go check it out. Basically the site tells you how much you can make in a Month through their service by allowing your account be used as advertising.

I WOULD NEVER DO THIS! So no worries to my followers. I did however find that an interesting concept. Plus you can go to the site type in your Twitter name to see how much you would make a month. Which I thought was neat.

Here were my results:

You can go to the site and Try it yourself:


Unknown said…
I would only earn .29 (Euro)
Anonymous said…
Nice post! ;)

Pretty slick numbers you have there, I believe it is really altered by the amount you tweet more so than just based on the number of followers (which is good). Of course, that's not to say the more followers the better.