The Conference

The Conference is over FINALLY! Thank you to all who attended in person and online. I apologize for the loss of feed during the keynote speaker. We were using a spotty connection.

The conference was awesome. About 70 people attended from major companies to small businesses to students. It was a hit! I'm hoping to get that group going in my area soon and possibly do something like this again but in a workshop format. I think people enjoy it! And of course next time I want to keep it free as well.

Also, I would like to apologize for my clear flake out moment during my intro. I lost my contact and have been slightly under the weather. It was interesting trying to see read things with one eye.

Don't forget to check out the conference website and join. Let's start a discussion! Ask questions and get them answered. Share and network :)

****This is to everyone regarding the blog*******
More posts are coming soon. I've got a busy month ahead of me with my birthday, Thanksgiving, papers, videos, and Finals.
Now that the conference is over I will be able to post more and some really interesting content I've been working on.
OH! And maybe I'll actually get to catch up on my feeds on google reader. :)


ASHKAN said…
I think once again U did a great job :) I really enjoyed watching the conference :) Itll get a thousand times better next time U do it :)