Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Feeling Lucky Google, Find Chuck Norris!!!!!

I was chilling on Twitter earlier today and this is why I love it. One of my friends from Southern Twittered with these instructions.
Follow these steps:
1. Go to Google's main page.
2. Enter "find chuck norris" without the quotes.
3. Click "I'm Feeling Lucky".

At first I was skeptic. I wasn't sure if I should do it since Nick liked to Rick Roll me, but I pulled together some courage and did it.

I nearly fell off my chair when it popped up.
Here is a screen shot of what happens:

If you like getting crazy links or fun stuff you should follow my friend Nick on Twitter. He always twitters something fantastic. Be warned though sometimes it's a rick roll (normally directed toward me).
His sn is: thancrus


Thursday, January 24, 2008

He Speaks The Truth!!!

Thanks Clair for sending this to me (Smiles1537 on twitter).
This guy Speaks the Truth!!!!

Crazy World!!!!

OK so the world could be ending. Today a Tornado Warning was issued for Los Angles California. Here is the information I found:
The National Weather Service in Oxnard has issued a

* Tornado Warning for...
southwest Los Angeles County in southwest California
including the cities of Malibu... Pacific Palisades and Topanga ...

* until 945 PM PST

* at 836 PM PST... National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated
a severe thunderstorm with rotation capable of producing a
tornado. The cell was located 5 miles south of Malibu moving
north northeast at 25 mph. It should affect Malibu and Pacific
Palisades before 900 PM PST.

I thought that was interesting.

Then of course there is this story of a teenager who was trying to hijack a plane to crash it into a Hannah Montana concert. The story is here @

The world has basically started to make less and less sense. Is the world ending? Is it crazy day? Did I not get the memo???

Brooke and Justine's Movie Review

Check them both out @:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Found Dead in an apartment in NYC he was 28 years old.

He was found by a housekeeper at 3:26 P.M. today according to the Associated Press. the housekeeper was letting him know that his masseuse had arrived for his appointment.

According to CNN News he was found surrounded by over the counter Sleeping Pills. The cause of death is rumored to be suicide.

He has a daugther named Matilda that he had with his ex Michelle Williams.

Ledgers big movie this Summer is "the Dark night" which is a sequel to Batman Begins. He plays the Joker.

According to CNN News Heath had said he had more fun playing the joker than any other roll he had ever done.

His death was a sudden sad surprise. No one saw this coming.

R.I.P. Heath Ledger! I'm a fan and I still can't wait to see you as the Joker! I've been excited about it since I heard about it.

*****Update****** My sources were wrong on the Mary-Kate Olsen apartment story. Here is what CNN released today about it on
"The apartment did not belong to actress Mary-Kate Olsen, as initially reported by The New York Times' Web site and, citing police. Olsen's publicist told CNN the place is "not her apartment, was never her apartment.""

For more on the story head over to:
Associated Press, and CNN News

Monday, January 14, 2008

Let's Go Smoking Mississippi?

As I was walking through campus today this caught my eye. Right in Front of the Communications Building was this van. I could not help myself. I had to stop and find out what it was all about. The man in the picture is named Disreguarde Di'Essue. He is dressed in old southern style with a Cigarette as a hat and a stuffed dog on leash named Haley.

I was very confused by the Banner on the side of the van. Jesus seems to be offering me a Smoke. After speaking with Di'Essue for a few minutes I was a little confused as to what he was trying to tell people. In the end I came to the conclusion that he is trying to support smoking freedom. I think what he was trying to say is that we as a state rely heavily on smokers to pay for health care and things of that nature.

Mississippi has recently been trying to pass laws about cigarette taxes and ceasing smoking in public places.

Di'Essue gave me a card and on it, it read "Whole Leaf Fee Free Tobacco Promotions, Join our "Remainder of Lifetime" family value Club".

Di'Essue also said:
1 in 4 Mississippians smoke and the money taxed goes to Health care for smoking related issues.

He also said the tobacco industry paid for part of Haley Barbours campaign the first time around.

I thought this was interesting and had to post it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why you shouldn't use Public Restrooms

My Friend Clair who is @smiles1537 on twitter had to use the bathroom. So she went into a hotel we were near. It should have been a routine trip but no it ended up being an epic lawl! The thing is Clair always has bad experiences with Public Restrooms. It's like her curse!

So this video is just proof of why you shouldn't use public restrooms.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back From Vacation!

I know, I know, I know, I haven't been blogging. Miss me? The reason is I've been on Vacation in Florida visiting my boyfriend Mike. I had Internet but I agreed not to blog or do anything like that while I was down there. Now I'm back and I'm going to start blogging hardcore again and I'm working on some awesome stuff for 2008.

1. Be prepared to see me blog regularly. I plan on keeping this up and having some fun with the site. If your interested in me promoting your site or anything like that I'd be happy to. We all got to help each other out of course!

2. There will be a podcast. I've been working on getting this podcast together and after people keep backing out on me and other issues I'm finally getting it off the ground. Check back for more info on it.

3. Expect more video. I have some ideas for some awesome videos and I want to master video editing this semester. It's one of my goals for the New Year.

So be sure to check back regularly. Hopefully I'll be able to get the pics and videos off of my camera. I did get some interesting material.

Keep It Real

Me after my long drive on Sunday

New posts, pics and vids soon to come :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

So last night was awesome. We drove to Bama and set off some Pro fireworks and it was amazing! We went to Betty Boops Fireworks "The Biggest Bang In Town" and I got a T'shirt. I'm totally in love with it. Yes I have some video and pictures to post already from my trip but I don't have time to do much with it now.

Yesterday though I did miss some photo op's. I was at the highest point in Florida, I went through a town were the High Schools mascot is a hobo and they actually have a Hobo Festival (really wish I had gotten a picture. You have no idea!), Then of course there were a few moments I missed out on last night.

Anyways Don't expect to many posts this week since I am on vaca, but I will try. I think I left my camera cord at my house so I gotta figure out how to get all the video and pics off of it.

Happy New Year Everyone!
Keep It Real