Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Military

A lot of my friends have either joined the military or are toying with the thought.

Honestly I haven't seen much good come out of the military. Yes you learn discipline and you get paid and sometimes even see the world (or just Iraq). That doesn't mean you should join.

Many of my friends who have joined or are thinking about joining joined because they felt they had no other option. This should never be a reason to join the military.

My dad had to leave college and get a job and support his family. He is now working an incredible job even though he never got a degree. Even if you fail in life and things don't always go your way that doesn't just mean to give up!

The military is like a job. It is not something to step into lightly or as a last resort.

I am not anit-Military. I support our troops and are Military but I don't think that the way they are recruiting and reasons people are joining are good.

Just remember every time a door closes another one opens. Even if everything blows up in your face your parents kick you out of the house and you have no money or transportation and nothing but the clothes on your back there is always an option.

Never give up and always keep living. We live in America where anything is possible.

Keep It Real and always believe in yourself.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Craptastic Day

I am having a Craptastic day today. I woke up later than I wanted to. Couldn't get a hold of the lady in Gluckstadt about German Fest so I had to drive all the way out there this morning. Went to McAllister's and spilled my entire cup of water. Then the waitress wouldn't leave me a lone and kept asking me if I needed anything. Finally got up to school and realized I need coffee but can't afford to get any at the moment.. I still have to write two stories for tonight and some other homework and my stream keeps cutting in and out! OH and when I walked into the library I set off the alarm some how which has never happened before.

Today has been a craptastic day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am a huge fan of the X-Men movies (and no it's not just because of hugh jackman but that is a big reason). They have been releasing information about the new movie but mostly I can't seem to get the story. I've heard that they are going to have Gambit... Now didn't they say Gambit was going to be in Last Stand? Fox stop teasing us with Gambit!

Now I've heard a couple things but I'm a little confused... Are they making 2 movies? A Magneto movie and Wolverine? I've been kinda lost on that one... But now that they have released that the new movie could be X-Men Origins I'm guessing it's just one movie.

A big possiblity is that they are going to have a whole new X-Men Origins series (which yes Hugh Jackman will be Wolverine). I'm really excited to hear more on this so if you do find something out comment and let me know!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Morning

Blogger has a jingle to promote their new tool to mobile blog. It kinda made me want those few seconds of my life back...

So last night was a blast up at the Celtic Fest. I bought an Umbrella and a tiara with ribbon or whatever. It was soooo much fun! The vendors this year are cool. The Music was good. The food looked tasty. I missed the Whisky tasting.. But there is always next year. I can't wait till tonight. TOnight is the dancing. So if your in the area stop by it's a blast!

Right now I'm sitting in the upstairs room waiting to get into my room so I can get some clothes to wear, take a shower, Start my laundry and stuff. Of course I can't since my Grandmother is taking a 10 AM nap... I dunno strange.. So I'm just sitting here typing away wishing I could hop in the shower.

I'll keep ya'll updated on all the fun...

Keep it Real

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

यू टिम त्रवेलिंग देमों!

Ok so it's still doing it whatever...

So it's been a few days and I've noticed I'm focusing to much on I really have to get into my studies and focus! If I don't I'll have to stop! :( and I don't want to do that quite yet.

So far I've had a great week in class. I learned a lot in Karate today. I did not enjoy Chapel.

I miss Mike terribly! I wish he was here it would make things so much easier! I feel so empty without him :(