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Pinterest: The Social Media Network for the Anal Retentive

If you haven't heard of Pinterest you obviously have been living under a rock somewhere. Pinterest is the latest Social Media Network to hit the scene. The majority of its population is made up of women so it's no surprise that many of the "pins" and boards are related to cooking, gardening, weddings and fashion.

When I first started using Pinterest I could not figure out what the fuss was about. All I could think was, "great another social network that I can share pictures on," I was wrong. Pinterest is a great way to share links to websites and your content in a visually pleasing manner. When a user "pins" a photo from the web, it links back to the website the photo came from. Of course you can still "pin" your own personal content as well.

So what makes this different from Facebook besides the UI? The answer is organization. Sure Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ have all introduced ways to list your friends content and see who is po…