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New Year, New Skates!

 We are 22 days into 2021, and I feel like we've already lived through an entire year. Hopefully, 2021 can be a year for us all to regroup and get back to things as the vaccine rolls out. I do pray that happens soon.  On a lighter note, I bought some new skates! Back in Mid-December, I decided to order some Moonlight Roller Flashdance skates. I’ve been eyeing these skates for months and I finally broke down and ordered them as a Christmas present to myself. They finally arrived this week.  Why did I choose these skates? Well, they are beautiful! I love the way the fabric shines. It’s flashy and sparkly. If I were a skate, this skate would be me.  Check out my unboxing video below, and let me know what you think!  Links: Flashdance Skates: NASA Vintage Tee: Nicetage Women's Space Rocket... Skirt: HDE Women's Shiny Liquid Metallic... Triple 8 Helmet: Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet Skateboarding BMX Roller Skating 

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