Wednesday, March 11, 2020

COVID-19 Just Facts

People considered high risk for the coronavirus:

- older adults
- people with serious chronic medical conditions like: heart disease, lung disease and diabetes

More than 19.2 Million Americans have asthma. 7.7% of adults in the U.S. have asthma. More than 35 million Americans have chronic lung disease.

Nearly half of U.S. adults suffer from heart disease.

9.4% of Americans have diabetes. More than 100 million Americans in the U.S. are living with diabetes or prediabetes.

This is why people are concerned. While you may be young and healthy, the person next to you could be dealing with one of the above conditions or living with/caring for someone that is. If they are exposed, it could be serious.


Friday, February 28, 2020

Fever Free!

We are finally fever free in the Banks household! That means we will be back to the real world by Monday. It’s been a long week at our house with everyone fighting the flu. I’m so glad we are all starting to feel better. I haven’t had coffee since Tuesday so I’m really looking forward to that tomorrow morning.

While we have been bound to the house due to the flu, I’ve heard the world is in a panic over COVID-19. The thing that makes me most nervous about this virus are all of the unknowns. I’m also concerned about my close family members that this could effect to the point of a hospital stay. We are just going to wash our hands as much as possible. The last thing any of us need is another week home sick. The flu was about all I can take this year.

It is day three of no social media. I have decided to log in on Sundays during lent. This way I can respond to messages and not completely shut myself out from the world. You can always still message me on messenger and I am checking LinkedIn.

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