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Why I Chose To Bottle Feed

I'm in an upcoming episode of Southern Remedy on MPB related to breast feeding. I talked about how much I struggled with breastfeeding and why I chose to formula feed instead. I want to go ahead and explain that now.

I purchased a breast pump on sale last year on Black Friday. I registered for all the things I would need in order to breastfeed and pump. I knew that this was something that was a healthy option for my child.

When Logan was born we immediately tried feeding. We quickly found out, my son is lazy. Yes, the adorable child you all see in your Facebook feed is a lazy butt. He did not want to latch. Even the nurse couldn't believe how lazy he was. She tried and tried to help us but he just wasn't interested. She finally said not to worry and we could try again later with the lactation specialist.

I was moved into my recovery room and they took Logan away. When I arrived in my room I was immediately bombarded with, it seemed like, every person that worked in the ho…

My Return to MPB

6 years ago, I tweeted about looking for a summer internship. I got a response from Thomas Broadus at Mississippi Public Broadcasting. He was looking for a social media intern!

Thomas invited me to help produce an episode of Writers. I was so excited! I remember showing up to the studio and the excitement of being on set.

I had officially started my internship. It was a fantastic opportunity. They handed over the social media keys and allowed me to create accounts for Mississippi Public Broadcasting on Twitter and MySpace. I worked hard to create fan bases across all of the platforms. I sent out messages and worked on building a community. MPBOnline became a first adopter to the social media space and I was a part of it.

When my internship ended I was disappointed. I was determined to join the MPB team. That fall, an opportunity came up to assist with creating a few promos and working on the Presidential Debate in Oxford. I jumped at the opportunity. Not only did I get to work on tho…

Join Me In The Fight Against Ocular Melanoma!

Educate yourself and go get checked!May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness month. A little over a year ago my Mom found out she had Ocular Melanoma a rare cancer of the eye. She woke up one morning and noticed that the room seemed dim and her sight was off. If she had not gone to the eye doctor right away I'm not sure she would be with us right now. Before that day I had no idea what Ocular Melanoma was. 

Ocular Melanoma, to put it very plainly, is a cancerous freckle on the eye. It is a rare eye cancer and only 2,000 adults are diagnosed with it every year.

All through the month of May I will have the Black & Blue Ribbon on my profile on my social media profiles in honor of my Mom. Follow me on Twitter (@iEllie), and look for posts with the #OMAware for facts about Ocular Melanoma and how to detect it.  

I hope you will take the time to learn more about Ocular Melanoma Foundation and schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Even if you don't need glasses it doesn't…

Becoming a Mom

On February 27, 2014, at 3:08 p.m., Logan Xavier Banks was born, weighing 8lbs 4oz, and 21 inches long. At that moment I became a mom. Sure, I've been a mom for the past 9 months, but it was a different feeling when he actually arrived. I've never felt such joy and fear all at the same time.

The feelings of fear and joy have continued since we got home. It's been a whirl-wind of diaper changes, spit-ups, feedings, naps (there is no such thing as sleep) and cuddle time.

Thank you for all your kind words and support over the past 9 months. We are very excited to finally be home with Logan.

Below: a few pictures from our first two weeks home.