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New Year, New Algorithm

It's a new year which means changes on Facebook. No, I'm not talking about the privacy policy changes or that post about owning your content (STOP SHARING THAT). I'm talking about the dreaded algorithm.
This year is no different. Facebook has rolled out updates that decide what will show up in your news feed. 

What is the algorithm? In simple terms, it is how Facebook picks what content shows up in your News Feed. The algorithm decides the content based on your engagement, who you are friends with, pages you have liked, popularity of posts, and many many other factors.
Facebook adjusts the algorithm slightly throughout the year, but whenever we enter a new calendar year, they tend to make a big change. Sometimes this affects the average user, but typically it is the business that have Pages that suffer from the change.
This year brands and pages have been hit hard. In order to guarantee post views and engagement it's going to take more than just putting great content ou…