I Am Trying Out For American Idol!

This Saturday August 9th I will be at Antonelli College from 8-3 trying out for American Idol. I plan on either singing a song by Avril Lavigne, No Doubt, or Hannah Montana. I will be dressed up in my Hannah Montana wig and one of my hottest outfits. If you are in the Jackson area be sure to come by and cheer me on. I may be sitting outside over night so bring me coffee! This is really important to me. It's been one of my dreams for the longest time to star on American Idol. Please come out and support me!

Kisses! :*
kthxbai :P


Anonymous said…
WOW... IE on IDOL.. that would be soooo cool!

Good luck!

ps omg.. if Randy Paula and what is face is gonna be down there in Jackson!!!

( sorry big Paula fan lol )before she became all weird and wonky.. lol

-- CM

Tybee Guy said…
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Tybee Guy said…
Oh Lord Amen... w00t, if iellie hit's the TV screen, can the American public handle her... Jezz!!! :)
ASHKAN said…
Wish I could be there to support you and C you in that Hannah wig :) I hope you win the whole thing :)
That is so awesome! GOOD LUCK!