President-Elect Barack Obama's Victory Speech On When Twitter Broke.

President-Elect Barack Obama not only won the Presidency this evening but he also Broke Twitter! For the entire day due to the elections twitter was slow and updates were delayed. By 11:00 pm ET Twitter just stopped. Many people didn't receive any tweets for a good hour. It was because Twitter was being overloaded with people tweeting about the outcome of the election from around the world. It was a monumental day in many senses. Congrats to Obama and Biden. I can only hope they will both represent our country well.

As for has had a stream throughout most of Obama's Presidential Campaign. On Nov. 4th it was no exception. Thousands and Thousands tuned in to watch his speech live on the popular live streaming site. You can still watch the recorded speech on along with the other happenings of the evening.

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

The video may not work because so many people might be trying to watch the video at once. If this happens then just check out this awesome pic until it comes back up: