Stressful Times

Hello Friends,
So It's been awhile and I apologize for my absence, but it has been a hectic time. Currently I'm taking 16 hours or something which normally isn't that bad on hours but with the amount of upper level courses I am taking and then adding on a conference well it's more like 22 hours.

This is why I haven't really been able to do any shows, blog posts, videos, and even watching Tuesday Night Tech. I've actually not been able to watch for 4 weeks and tonight is show 69 and I'm going to have to miss it to write my Communication Law paper. I'm pretty busy but I am hoping I will be able to get back into things by the end of the semester.

I will be posting about the conference later today. If you want to check out the network I have set up relating to the conference go to

Thanks for all the concerns and your patience all it's been pretty crazy for me academically, and personally.


Oh and supposedly I tweet a lot. I really have tried to cut back :(


Unknown said…
i cannot wait until the next show! hope everything will settle down!

ASHKAN said…
well ellie U know U rock :) Just take care of yourself both health wise and academic wise and we will be waiting for U patiently when U R all done :) plus I always get to bug U and interrupt your work when U R online anyways LOL

The awesomeness glow lives on :)