So Blogger hates titles now obviously. Every time I go to type in a title it does this: ???? ? ??? ????????.

Thats Uncool Blogger FIX IT!

Anywayz, I went out last night with the Grant had a blast. We headed up to Caines and got some grub. After that we headed down to Cups for coffee. I never got my coffee thanks to the long lines and the annoying high school kids! Now normally I can handle the high school scene. My lil brother is in High school and I had a couple of friends just graduate, but last night was stupid ridico! We get out of the car walk in and this kid who couldn't have been over 15 starts walking up backwards next to me trying to get me to go out with him. He had to be rollin. I asked him "How old are you?" he said "Oh, I'm 18 you wanna go to a bar I know a great one" I was like "Sweety you are to young for me and I am so out of your league" he kept pestering me though! Finally I got inside and the line was so stupid we decided to leave. As we were leaving the 15 year old was holding up traffic because he was laying in front of a car that was driving through the parking lot.

After that we met up with Rachel, Mirehead (is that how you spell it?) and Sam up at the Logans. It was fun and the girl that was supposed to be our waitress walked out as we sat down.

We ended up at mireheads and watching the Futurama marathon WOOT! And stuff. It ended up being an awesome night.

Keep It Real


Yeah, there are some problems with blogger now and then. I had problems for weeks with the polls feature. Every time I made a poll it would not be viewable and I had to remove the code manually to clean up my blog since I could not just delete it!

Blogger has some weird quirks, but still a great service if you compare to others out there.