My Cell Phone Broke!

I just got back from Cell South and I still don't have a working cell phone. The guy that assisted me though was very helpful and tried everything to fix my phone. Unfortunately, my phone is not repairable. I thought ok well that's fine it will be just like when I had my Nokia. WRONG! My Warranty ran out a year ago and my Contract runs out in November (even though it should run out in October!)

The guy was nice though and gave me some batteries and the only way to get my phone to work is if you put in a fresh battery and hold the very bottom of the phone by the speaker together. So I can make calls (brief calls

And this is my phone:
My Phone with the huge crack!

How I have to hold my phone to get it to turn on and work

What happens if I don't hold it just the right way

So now I have to buy a new phone. I'm thinking of just getting it off the website since I have to get my Dad to go in the store with me to sign (and that is impossible).

Here are the phones I am looking at:

The newer version of my old phone:

The phone I really really want but probably won't get...