August in Mississippi

It's August in Mississippi so of course it's hot. This year in particular has been a scorching one. For the last week we have had no or little rain in the area and temperatures continue to rise. Right now it is 103 degrees Fahrenheit with no clouds or little to no breeze. There have been a few deaths across the state due to heat as well as West Nile.

My advice to anyone living in the same conditions would be to stop going outside. Stay some where with a working air conditioner. Don't do to much during the day. It's almost so hot that I would cancel school and work! I mean seriously! It's this kind of heat that makes you not want to even eat. Drink plenty of Water and don't drink anything that dehydrates like coffee or alcohol.

I for one am going to stay in my room where there is no light, a fan, air condition, and plenty of water.

Recent Events:
I'm no longer attending Southern Miss anymore (again I know). I left because I couldn't keep my grades up. The mixture of not sleeping due to dorm life, getting sick multiple times throughout the semester, insomnia for a month, and crappy professors resulted in my withdrawal. Since June I have been attending Mississippi College in Clinton. I've moved back in with my parents for the 2 remaining years of college. I'm still a Communications major with a focus in PR and hopefully a minor in Graphic Design. So far at Mississippi College I've made 2 B's and an A. I'm still with Mike (whom just came to visit) and I'm happy.

Southern Miss has a lot of problems that they need to address concerning renovation of dorms, firing and hiring professors, and they should probably not just let everyone in that applies. I know it's a public college and all but honestly they really do let anyone and everyone in even if you don't meet the requirements. Now that the school is under a new President hopefully things will change and I may consider going back for grad school. At this moment though I'm happy with my situation and where I am. Except for the whole Mike thing, I wish he was going to school with me up here.