Right now I am sitting in Jazzmans Cafe at MC.
My Current iTunes Track is "What I Got" Sublime.

I just got through with my first class with was Fundamentals of Radio. I'm chilling up here until my next class at 1:00.

The class seems like it's going to be fun. The Instructor seems cool and we are going to get to do some radio work.

I love my major! I love every aspect of my major and it was soooo hard to pick a focus. I find the media in general a fun and interesting topic. We are in the Media/Technology/Information age. The Media is going through a major revamp due to the internet and it's something I am really interested in and want to learn more about.

I think that Internet TV is so going to kick off major soon. Already there are popular shows on the Web like AskANinja. And if you don't know what AskANinja is than you have a problem. Also the Strong Bad E-mails have been popular for a long time.

Every aspect of the media is being effected by the internet! Radio, TV, Newspapers, Advertising, etc. It should be interesting to see what happens in the future.

In L-E News: As I was driving to class this morning I almost had a run in with a Deer again! I was driving down Clinton Blvd. and A deer was standing there and started to run then hesitated but thought about hitting my car.

My car must have some sort of Deerdar that says "Hey I'm a target hit me!" or "Deer Suicide machine!" I dunno

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