As most of you know I am going to Mississippi College which is a private Baptist college. I'm not Baptist I am Catholic! So this makes it all the more interesting.

Well today I had my first Chapel. Chapel is once a week and required for all students. You only get 3 absences or you don't get credit. So I walk into Chapel today expecting the worse. It was worse than I expected. They had set up the front of the church like a rock concert! There was a smoke machine which made me feel ill and bad lighting. So I'm sitting in the very top right hand corner of the church chillin. They start playing really bad Christian Rock songs.

When it comes to church and music I don't think it should sound like a Rock concert. I think that it's stupid! So they play some songs people get up and sing hold up there hands whatever. Anywayz after that the President got up and spoke for like 30-40 minutes and it was actually pretty interesting. He talked about his family and how he had issues with his Parents growing up and how he found God and I thought that was appropriate. It was a good speech, but it was a very "I'm gonna save everyone speech". Never the less I enjoyed the speech. Then they played more crappy music. When the music was over it was time to leave.

Honestly, I don't know if I can take this every week until I graduate.

By the way Karate is awesome! I'll post some pics and see if I can get some video from class for ya'll.