So As many of you know I am in Ft. Walton Beach Florida visiting my Boyfriend Mike. I'm having a great time. Unfortunately we haven't been able to hang out at the beach really. Yesterday we went and I took a few pictures to kind of explain why we couldn't really go swimming or lay out on the beach:

As you can see the water looks kinda rough and the sky not so pretty.
That would be a mana-war (idk if thats how you spell it) It's not a happy creature and if it stings you it could kill you. There were a few of these washed up on the beach along with several jelly-fish.

So As you can see it's windy and kinda a bum beach week but it's still been fun. I always enjoy coming down here to visit Mike and his family. So far it's been a wonderful visit and I really don't want to leave tomorrow.

I'm still working on the St. Paddy's Day video. I don't care if it's late it's getting posted. Just bare with me. There was a lot of footage and I don't have a lot of time to review it and edit it.



Anonymous said…
Well at least you're with your baby...that's all that matters. Take care ie! -jd
Unknown said…
it's spelled man-o-war,they're named as such because they are supposed to look like a portugese man of war (old battleships).
that's your random history lesson of the day!
hope ya'll are having a great time!