R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Found Dead in an apartment in NYC he was 28 years old.

He was found by a housekeeper at 3:26 P.M. today according to the Associated Press. the housekeeper was letting him know that his masseuse had arrived for his appointment.

According to CNN News he was found surrounded by over the counter Sleeping Pills. The cause of death is rumored to be suicide.

He has a daugther named Matilda that he had with his ex Michelle Williams.

Ledgers big movie this Summer is "the Dark night" which is a sequel to Batman Begins. He plays the Joker.

According to CNN News Heath had said he had more fun playing the joker than any other roll he had ever done.

His death was a sudden sad surprise. No one saw this coming.

R.I.P. Heath Ledger! I'm a fan and I still can't wait to see you as the Joker! I've been excited about it since I heard about it.

*****Update****** My sources were wrong on the Mary-Kate Olsen apartment story. Here is what CNN released today about it on cnn.com:
"The apartment did not belong to actress Mary-Kate Olsen, as initially reported by The New York Times' Web site and TMZ.com, citing police. Olsen's publicist told CNN the place is "not her apartment, was never her apartment.""

For more on the story head over to:
Associated Press, and CNN News


Unknown said…
the mary-kate olsen apartment part was debunked.
Angel said…
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Angel said…
I am very skeptical about the suicide thing. While he had seemed "distressed" in recent days, he was also sick from pneumonia and had been coming off a very taxing schedule filming for The Dark Knight. Many sleepless nights, anxiety pills, sickness, and sleeping pills are often a very dangerous combination. You know a guy is dedicated to his craft when he spends a month alone in a hotel room trying to perfect his Joker character and voice. He was a fine actor. Profound and full of potential. It comes as a shock, especially considering I never considered myself a fan: I now recognize the impact of his true worth and genius. The Dark Knight is going to be amazing and I can not wait to see his final performance.
drsoos said…
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drsoos said…
My thoughts on Heath's passing.

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