Happy New Year!

So last night was awesome. We drove to Bama and set off some Pro fireworks and it was amazing! We went to Betty Boops Fireworks "The Biggest Bang In Town" and I got a T'shirt. I'm totally in love with it. Yes I have some video and pictures to post already from my trip but I don't have time to do much with it now.

Yesterday though I did miss some photo op's. I was at the highest point in Florida, I went through a town were the High Schools mascot is a hobo and they actually have a Hobo Festival (really wish I had gotten a picture. You have no idea!), Then of course there were a few moments I missed out on last night.

Anyways Don't expect to many posts this week since I am on vaca, but I will try. I think I left my camera cord at my house so I gotta figure out how to get all the video and pics off of it.

Happy New Year Everyone!
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Anonymous said…
happy new year! sounds like you've had an amazing time! oh i'm exotic on twitter I'm following you!