Let's Go Smoking Mississippi?

As I was walking through campus today this caught my eye. Right in Front of the Communications Building was this van. I could not help myself. I had to stop and find out what it was all about. The man in the picture is named Disreguarde Di'Essue. He is dressed in old southern style with a Cigarette as a hat and a stuffed dog on leash named Haley.

I was very confused by the Banner on the side of the van. Jesus seems to be offering me a Smoke. After speaking with Di'Essue for a few minutes I was a little confused as to what he was trying to tell people. In the end I came to the conclusion that he is trying to support smoking freedom. I think what he was trying to say is that we as a state rely heavily on smokers to pay for health care and things of that nature.

Mississippi has recently been trying to pass laws about cigarette taxes and ceasing smoking in public places.

Di'Essue gave me a card and on it, it read "Whole Leaf Fee Free Tobacco Promotions, Join our "Remainder of Lifetime" family value Club".

Di'Essue also said:
1 in 4 Mississippians smoke and the money taxed goes to Health care for smoking related issues.

He also said the tobacco industry paid for part of Haley Barbours campaign the first time around.

I thought this was interesting and had to post it.


Anonymous said…
Ellie I hope you told Disreguarde Di'Essue that usually you wear your tin foil hat. You know, the one that blocks those government mind control rays.
melvin said…
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