Crazy World!!!!

OK so the world could be ending. Today a Tornado Warning was issued for Los Angles California. Here is the information I found:
The National Weather Service in Oxnard has issued a

* Tornado Warning for...
southwest Los Angeles County in southwest California
including the cities of Malibu... Pacific Palisades and Topanga ...

* until 945 PM PST

* at 836 PM PST... National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated
a severe thunderstorm with rotation capable of producing a
tornado. The cell was located 5 miles south of Malibu moving
north northeast at 25 mph. It should affect Malibu and Pacific
Palisades before 900 PM PST.

I thought that was interesting.

Then of course there is this story of a teenager who was trying to hijack a plane to crash it into a Hannah Montana concert. The story is here @

The world has basically started to make less and less sense. Is the world ending? Is it crazy day? Did I not get the memo???


Anonymous said…
It's a crazy world. Why else would your wallet be INSIDE your pillowcase? Perhaps if you just wore a moneybelt.

Just kidding. Here's hoping your day isn't a crazy day.
Angel said…
crazy world indeed. then again, i remember back when i was in college there was a tsunami warning for west los angeles, santa monica area. this is pretty much where i lived at the time and it was right after that other very big tsunami hit near india i believe. it was official and everything, national weather warning and everything. i called all my friends in a panic. you know what happend? jack squat.