An FYI on Facebook

I have noticed recently that a lot of people are thinking of getting rid of their Facebooks. I don't blame them, but I have been with Facebook since the beginning and I think a lot of people don't really know how Facebook started out.

Unfortunately I can not find the site that I started on but I will try to explain it.

The Facebook as it was originally called started as not one big Facebook but small little facebook and Large Colleges and Universities. You could not access the Facebook by going to but had to type in something like

This Facebook only allowed you to communicate and friend people at your College or University. It was perfect because it made it easy to get in touch with classmates and instructors.

That was 2004. In 2005 Facebook opened up and bought the domain name It allowed students to friend and contact people from other Colleges and Universities which was a great way to keep in touch with Friends from high school. This facebook was perfect in my eyes because it was still private to a point and I still had no problem posting my phone number and such so people could get in touch with me.

There were a few times that semester that I had missed class and was able to do a search for my class and classmates and I got all the notes I needed. It was a great tool!

Then they opened up facebook to the High Schoolers. I thought this was a bad idea only because it's never a good idea to mix high schoolers and College students. For awhile it wasn't a big deal but once they decided to go global and open up facebook to the public the problems began.

I had to delete many of my things on my page in fear of people trying to come find me or who knows what.

Over the years Facebook has just continued to go down hill in my opinion and I just wish they would bring the original facebook back!

For more info on the History of Facebook Click Here.