Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a blogger. Chris Brogan Blogged about me. So I'm going to Blog about Chris Brogan.

Chris Brogan has an awesome Blog filled with awesome Features.

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Chris Brogan


Anonymous said…
Chris Brogan is the man!! Congrats on his blog post. It's always an honor to be featured by him.
Anonymous said…
Congrats Ellie. Chris wrote a nice piece about you.

What a plus for a Mass Communications major huh.

Have a drink on me.
Andrew said…
Found your site by way of Chris Brogan's post. Nice site you've got going here, and Chris analyzes it well for us geezers. As a guy who works in higher ed marketing, I'm always interested in seeing how today's college students are using online media.
Unknown said…
Your blog is wonderfully creative.

Came over from Chris Brogan's blog.