OK so here is the deal. My account got disabled thanks to Facebook! I had 2 accounts because I was trying to separate my irl friends from my iFriends since my irl friends tend to post their phone numbers on my main account. I have had the account since the day Facebook changed over. I'm a huge fan and supporter of Facebook and I'm very pissed and insulted that my account has been disabled wrongfully.

I have never posted content that wasn't my own. I have never posted any nude pictures. I have never spammed. I have never harassed. I have never impersonated another person on Facebook.

So WHY then has my account been disabled? Someone please explain this to me!

Facebook Can't and won't. They claim they don't have to. All I can do is send them an e-mail.

I have sent an e-mail and hopefully I will be hearing back from Facebook. If I don't they will definitely be hearing from me.

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