OK so here is the deal. My account got disabled thanks to Facebook! I had 2 accounts because I was trying to separate my irl friends from my iFriends since my irl friends tend to post their phone numbers on my main account. I have had the account since the day Facebook changed over. I'm a huge fan and supporter of Facebook and I'm very pissed and insulted that my account has been disabled wrongfully.

I have never posted content that wasn't my own. I have never posted any nude pictures. I have never spammed. I have never harassed. I have never impersonated another person on Facebook.

So WHY then has my account been disabled? Someone please explain this to me!

Facebook Can't and won't. They claim they don't have to. All I can do is send them an e-mail.

I have sent an e-mail and hopefully I will be hearing back from Facebook. If I don't they will definitely be hearing from me.

Last night My Facebook Account was reactivated and all is well in the world. I got rid of the Ellie Mae second account and now I only have my Facebook account and the Page. Become a Fan click the lil Facebook symbol above my profile pic.



Nigel said…
i personally think that facebook is just starting on that downward spiral....

i've also heard that they have been auto-deleting any accounts that haven't been used in the past 2 weeks!! - a real bummer if you're on holiday with now internet access!!!

a bunch of fuck-wits, if you ask me...
SerenityLife said…
Love hyph-n's remarks.

For me, I has issues in first setting up a facebook account because of privacy issues. Asking me too many questions of information I just did not care to share because I do not like sharing exactly how I know some people unless I personally am introducing friends to others.

I had an account but then facebook would not allow me to change my identity because I did not want my entire name on my page. I emailed facebook a few times with no response. I went ahead and deleted the account because I was getting so much spam.

I have been out of school for a long time too so I do not see much appeal for me in using the page because most people can contact me through the various school networks I am in.

Thanks for your thoughts and I came to your page via reading Chris Brogan's blog! Love your blog!