This Thursday July 9th from 5-9:30pm there will be a tweetup at Sneaky Bean in the Fondren area of Jackson, MS. I encourage everyone to attend. Even if you don't have a twitter account come out and join us and see what Twitter is about.

What is a Tweet-up? A Tweet-up is a Twitter Meet-up. People who are on twitter get together to hang out, network, make new friends, and have fun. It's a great way to meet people or be in a safe setting to meet people you may know on Twitter.

The last few tweet-ups were at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was fun but I want to spread the Tweet-up love around. Each month I'd like to have at least one tweet-up some where in the Jackson area. I choose Sneaky Bean this time because of it's central location and the fact it has coffee, beer, and something for everyone. Also they have a large room in the back. BWW was great but it was loud.

What I would like to know is Where ya'll think the next tweet-up should be. I am still working on a Twitter night at the Braves and if you would like to help with that it would be appreciated.

Leave a comment with a suggestion to a place you think would be great for a tweet-up or send me an @ reply on twitter @iellie.

Also be sure to check out all the information on the tweet-up such as who is going, a map and be sure to RSVP!:

See you at the Tweet-up!