Google Voice

I haven't checked my e-mail in days... I got home from my first day at work (yes it went great) and there in my inbox was a Google Voice invite link! I was so excited. I think I've been playing with it for the last 2 hours! The features are excellent. As you can see I've added a widget to my website. If you type in your number and then click "Keep Number Private" I won't be able to view your number. The voice mail will come up as unknown.

Not only can you call anyone in the US for free you can also text. And voice mails can be transcribed.

More than one number can be setup for forwarding. So if you have a cell, work, and house phone you can forward calls to your Google phone number to all 3. This allows people to easily get in contact with you and simplifies it to 1 number. And it can keep your personal numbers private.

You can turn Google Voice forwarding on and off by putting your account to unavailable. This will send all calls to voice mail.

Google Voice is a pretty much the awesome sauce. And they are giving away business cards with your Google voice number and any other information for free (This includes the cards, printing and yes SHIPPING!). You get 25 cards and you can pay $10 and get a box of 100. (Yes I ordered a pack of 25)

And Yes, there's an app for that.

And before you ask no I do not have any invites sorry guys.
And yes I had a good first day at work. It was long and my feet hurt but it went well.



Angel said…
congrats on the job search! where do u find yourself working these days?
Anonymous said…
I just got my google voice invite today. I`m excited to get my first call.