Monday, June 8, 2009

Me Today Vlog! Apple announcemnets made me :) and :(

A Vlog I did today. I've been job hunting all day so at this point I was done! It's been a long process. If you know of any job openings in the Jackson area specifically in the Communication field or PR let me know. :)

And Apple made me happy and sad today. I wish I had more money...


Anonymous said...

LOL omg what were you cracked out on Sister IE?

Hey dont forget Safari 4 came out for Mac and Windows today ( Big Grin)


But thats our secret, thats the only thing Apple I love is Safari Lol

-- CM

iEllie said...

Oh yeah there was a safari update a week or so ago I'm not updating it. It screwed up Grants Firefox so thats a no go :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'd have more money if you had a JOB!

iEllie said...

I would but I can't find a job which is why I'm looking for a job because I just graduated but there are no jobs so I have no money which is why I am looking for a job. :)

ASHKAN said...

lol ellie as always quiet the entertainer :) and hey can U find me a job too? lol
Hey now U can get the 13 inch Mac Book Pro which replaces the 13 inch Mac Book, if U save up for it or get a job soon :)